Ventless gel fuel fireplaces

Hearth Cabinet ventless gel fuel fireplaces have great aesthetics and visual looks, does not require flue, gas or electricity and they are the most efficient fireplaces close to 100% efficiency. Hearth Cabinet ventless gel fuel fireplaces are custom designed and made in NYC. They have several patented unique safety features and are the only ventless fireplaces approved for use in NYC. Fuel alcohol gel cartridges are safe, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Design and photography: Hearth Cabinet

Stylish pellet fireplace stove

Sustainable and stylish pellet fireplace stove has several nice features: flame-resistant, button on/off, rotating furnace. Pellets is environmentally friendly and the cheapest fuel. The emission levels are far below EU limits.

Design: Gabbaan

Stylish round wall mounted fireplace

The stylish round wall mounted fireplace runs on biofuel and it is environmentally friendly and clean. It has 1.5 l combustion chamber capacity and can burn up to 6 hours.

Design: Cocoon Fires

Indoor smoke-free fireplace

This indoor smoke-free fireplace has all the advantages of ethanol fireplace: almost no maintenance, no need for wood or coal. Harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor are the products of combustion of ethanol, so the soot does not appear and the surface of the fireplace is clean.

Design: Brandoni

Small wood cooking stoves, Germany

These small wood cooking stoves are ideal for cooking in those conditions when you can not use gas or electricity. Also, food that is cooked on wood, has a special flavor and taste.

Design: Iron Dog

Small wood burning stoves, Germany

These small wood burning stoves are entirely made in Germany and is a model of quality. These stoves are perfect for your own home and for gifts to friends.

Design: Iron Dog

Built-in TV fireplaces, Netherlands

The idea of combining the two attributes of a modern home: the fireplace and the TV, was embodied in these built-in TV fireplaces.

Design: Safretti, Jan Des Bouvrie

Contemporary freestanding biofireplace

Tulip has designed these contemporary freestanding biofireplaces, which are ideal for placement in small spaces.

Design: Tulip

Floor-ceiling biofuel ethanol fireplace

These black and white egg-shaped biofuel ethanol fireplaces are designed for installation on a floor or hanging from a ceiling. All units have good lighting and heating qualities.

Design: Decoflame

Long free standing fireplaces, UK

Style, elegance and sophistication define these long free standing fireplaces.

Design: Modus Design

Free standing Italian wood stoves

These free standing Italian wood stoves are designed to please their owners graceful appearance and smooth lines. They also have a high enough efficiency 83-87%.

Manufacturer: La Castellamonte

Stainless steel hanging indoor fire table, USA

This amazing stainless steel hanging indoor fire table with the fireplace in the center makes an unforgettable impression and creates a philosophical atmosphere in any room.

Design: Elena Colombo

Unusual direct-vent gas wall fireplace, USA

Innovative levitating flames design makes this unusual direct-vent gas wall fireplace the most unmatched product in the industry.

Design: Heat & Glo

Round free standing wood/gas fireplaces, UK

These round freestanding wood/gas fireplaces can be a wonderful addition to any modern interior, both residential and commercial.

Design: Modus Design

Outdoor wood burning fireplaces, Italy

These outdoor wood burning fireplaces allow you and your guests to enjoy the warmth and feel the magic of the fire in your yard.

Design: AK47

Wall oval mirror ethanol fireplaces, Italy

The wall oval mirror ethanol fireplace can be hung in any room to create a comfort and a small increase in air temperature.

Design: Ozzio

Ceramic round&cube wood/pellets stoves, Italy

Winner Design Plus 2011 award, the ceramic round and cube wood/pellets stoves designed with attention to sustainability aspects and environment protection. The stoves have heat output up to 8kW.

Design: Adriano Design
Manufacturer: La Castellamonte